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Free estimates for epoxy flooring in Chicago and Suburbs withing 50 miles. Sanding, grinding and polishing of concrete. Call today 773-366-1958

Epoxy Flooring and Concrete

Get a free, no obligation estimate for sanding, grinding and polishing your concrete floors and installing epoxy flooring in Chicago and Suburbs within 50 miles. Call now 773-366-1958 We remove tile, glue and mortal, level and seal concrete for epoxy flooring application and install epoxy floors. Choose from a wide selection of epoxy finishes, you can buy the material yourself or we can purchase and deliver it for you. Let World Flooring & More Co. do the heavy work for you, quickly and professionally. We are fully insured, licensed and certified in Illinois. FREE ESTIMATES 773-366-1958 in English and in Polish.

Perfect for heavy duty traffic,

– Garage floors

– Warehouses

– Basements
– Restaurants
– Sidewalks
– Pool Areas
– Patios

Epoxy flooring is a paint or coating system that is typically made up of two separate materials. When mixed together, the resulting substance quickly hardens into a durable semi-gloss or high-gloss flooring surface. Epoxy can be used on wood, cement, concrete or metal surfaces or as an undercoat beneath other flooring — but it is most often used on concrete floors in commercial or residential garages and industrial warehouses. Before it dries, epoxy can be sprinkled with paint flakes or other chips to create designs or to simulate granite or other textures, and/or colored sand or similar abrasive.

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